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Tel: 01245 225758
Fax: 01245 225767
GBA Pen Company, Horseshoe Barn, Main Road, Bicknacre, Essex, CM3 4EX
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A pen that stands out

The company behind Fjäder™ and Slända™ is called Gustav Innovation. Our business concept is to be an innovation company that creates products that reach out to people in one way or another. All products that leave our desk shall be characterized by quality, reflection, playfulness, spontaneity and an aha-experience.

Have you ever noticed that reality is not always what it seems? That it has an ability to change by the way you’re looking at it? Slända™ (Swedish for Dragonfly) is a pen that at a first glance might not seem to have the ability to stand, but a closer investigation will make you realise why it actually does. Slända™ is an invitation and a reminder for people to investigate their beliefs, as they may not always be true. It’s named after a flying insect that has a unique ability to shift directions within a split second – just like your mind. But it can also hover without moving a millimetre, allowing it to focus despite turbulent surroundings. Our hope is that Slända™ will inspire you to investigate your world in ways that are new for you. It is our contribution to the magic and powerful world of thinking.

Limited Edition